Articles Authors : Mrs. Madhu kathuroju (Directress) . She is a Post Graduate from Osmania University , Hyderabad ; holds a Bachelor Degree In Education (B.Ed) ; Diploma in System management and Montessori trained from IMTC Hyderabad.

She worked as High School Science Teacher for 6yrs and while searching school for her younger child , came across a Montessori school and got inspired by the system of education which is apt for the Foundation of the child . She got trained through Indian Montessori Training Centre and holds an experience of 4 yrs working with 2 to 6 yr age group children. The beautiful way of dealing with small children has led her to transform from a high school teacher to a Montessori Adult.

Inspired by the child and the system and with great support from her husband , Mr. K.N . Chary , has led to the establishment of SPROUTS Montessori House Of Children in June 2016.

Sprouts Montessori is proud to announce that “This is the place of innumerous knowledge and development , a Child loves to work happily without any restriction”.



Child as an individual is being believed to possess potentials required for his/her own self-development. He/She has to be supported in a sense to acquire abilities which make him to stand unique from others. Children, as they grow  face challenges through passing ages. They expect love and care at the same time a minimum support from the adult/teacher,  may be at school or at home respectively.

Children can develop a sense of trust when provided with reliable care and affection. As an adult , this is the assurance being expected to provide help to the child  while he/she is a toddler and down the line up to 6 Years of age . This helps them to grow secure and develop a sense of personal control over physical skills and a sense of being independent.

According to many Psychologists and their work,  the growth of a person is defined  in 4 stages. Talking about the more sensitive period of a human is around 0 to 2 years is the age of observation. A child starts his/her observations from the stage of birth through his/her senses, even though his/her vision is not yet developed. At 1+  age, child tries to perceive expressions from his/her surroundings through his/her basic motor and sensory explorations (by touching and feeling the things).

Gradually, while they are around 2 to 3 years, a child tries to imply the acquired impressions by understanding and relating the language what the parents speak. He/She tries to recognise through pictures and  tries to relate his/her acquired knowledge with other objects from  surroundings. This is the stage when a child needs an environment which can stimulate the self thinking process, leading to development in his/her concentration levels.

As an adult , our responsibility is to provide a space for the child to discover and explore new things. This can be initiated by giving minimum positive statements to the child, which can trigger his/her thinking further rather than continuous instructions which literally confuses a child and subsides the self thinking abilities in him/her.

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